Wear-It Wednesdays!


Howdy Folks!

I have decided that every Wednesday is going to be known as Wear-It Wednesdays! During my health journey I have one negative tricky bothersome inevitable side effect of getting healthy and losing weight. A good friend of mine told me that every clothing size equates to 12-15 lbs lost. I am not sure if that’s true or not since everybody that makes clothes cuts them different. For example, a Lane Bryant 18 is vastly different than a Target or Merona brand 18…one brand is tight in the waist and lose in the hips and vice versa. You get the idea. So with 85 lbs lost I am dragging the bottom of my closet looking for clothes to wear. In all honesty, this is the lowest weight I have been since high school! *gasp* Yep…how about that. So long story short, I need a new wardrobe.

Shopping? Why yes of course! I could go for that! The trick is I hate spending money…well not really but I am a teacher and it’s summertime! A wonderful fix to my shopping love is Walmart. Yes people Walmart! Now I know you are thinking Wrangler jeans, Gitano shirts, and that terrible website that showcases all of the disasters that walk in and out of there daily! But if you look closely, they actually have modern clothes and styles at affordable prices much like Target. If your plan is to lose some significant weight buying clothes is one thing that you’re going to be faced with. Thankfully it’s Maxi Dress time!

The dress above is actually from Walmart and was a whopping $17 or so! I can hang with that! My goal is to buy one new outfit every other week until I have a wardrobe that fits somewhat well!

Til Next Time!

Ro 🙂

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