A House Full of Health Nuts!

Howdy readers!

It’s Saturday, June 8th which means school ended yesterday! BEST. THING. EVER. While this school year was easier than the year before it, in the end it was another one in the bag. Grateful that I have a job that I love and kids who apparently love me back so that makes the world of difference.

So I have spent the first couple of posts talking about my health journey BUT this was a family and lifestyle change that we embarked on. I remember coming home pretty disgusted about my weight and health in general. Man I was a raging, venting maniac and I was laying it on thick to my husband’s ears. Bless his pea-picking heart, he rolled with it and let me vent. If you knew us personally then you would know he is ice and I am fire; he is a slow cooker and I, a microwave. In other words, he tends to take his time to respond while I just let it rip. At the end of what probably seemed like a never-ending whine fest, he finally said “If you want me to do it with you I will”. Well, maybe…just a teeny bit of me wanted to hear him say that. And he said it! Score for the husband!

This had more meaning though than just him supporting me. Mr. S has a history of heart disease in his family. Debilitating heart disease that took his father 9 years ago so his health has always been on my mind. Spring 2012 his doctor started him on Lipitor and Zetia because his cholesterol was too high especially at his age. Besides that, he was overweight as well. So after a few months of those drugs that not only caused him severe joint pain and fatigue and burnt a major hole in our wallets, we felt that perhaps a lifestyle change and some naturalistic remedies could be the key.

As mentioned before, we did a complete overhaul of our fridge, our home, and our lifestyles. The mister was not as enthusiastic about it but did it with me! Out with Bojangles for breakfast and in with the CLIF bars….out with the chips and in with the pretzels. The major difference between the two of us is that Mr. S doesn’t work out in the traditional sense. He does however work a physically demanding job that keeps him squatting, lifting, and sweating all day long.

I say all that to say this….Mr. S started his journey at 260-265 lbs and a 42 inch waist in his pants….I am happy to say that as of today Mr. S is between 190-195 lbs (depending on the scale) and a 36 inch waist!!! To say I am proud of this man is an understatement. I am seeing MusCLES popping out on this dude I haven’t seen since 2000 when we started dating! LOL

So if you’re significant other is willing to walk this journey with you then by all means let them. It may be just the motivation you need to keep going!

As soon as Mr. S lets me, I’ll take a current pic of him so you can see the change!



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