Mushroom Swiss Burgers and ranch dressing…..

Oh how slack I have been! It is officially summer break and I could not be more happy! This has been a long but rewarding year. It’s unreal how I am thinking about my kids already. That DOES NOT mean that I want the summer to be short and brief!

So to commemorate the end of the school year I went to lunch with my girls…my roll out peeps…girls whom I can have foodie sins without judgement! I’ll save you all the delicious details but I will say that if food was one of the 10 commandments I broke it and some! I’ve talked about not eating out too much which I don’t. We try and limit our intake of those foods to a bare minimum for a few reasons. 1. A lot of takeout food is loaded with sodium which is attributed to a plethora of illnesses and edema or swelling which I can suffer from quickly, 2. I am not sure what sodium acid pyrophosphate or any of those other 27-lettered ingredients are, and 3. It can get expensive quick. But alas, I was long overdue for some food sinning. On the menu was a mushroom Swiss burger well done (please) and fries ( got ketchup?) and to top it off fried Oreos with vanilla ice cream (I only had a third of the serving folks :-(. IT. WAS. WORTH. EVERY. BITE. I did not feel the slightest bit guilty….well maybe a smidge but not really.

I’ve said before that the key to eating healthy is not to deprive yourself so much that you binge eat every sweet thing on sight. Nor is it eating salad until you start to look like a piece of romaine lettuce. Trust me folks….I see those bare to minimum salads and super lite dressings in the teachers lounge everyday. These women are hungry I’m here to tell you. Dare I say they are Hongrey!!!!! I know because they are back at the junk food machine 2 hours later. Eat what’s good and filling but eat sensibly! Every now and then have you a big, juicy burger and some fries. Heck have some ranch dressing too, it won’t kill your health journey! Just do all things with moderation and reserve.

Now off to eat….a salad! OR not!


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