Sad, Sad, Tummy :(

It’s Tuesday and the world is starting to heat up!  It is ridiculously hot outside which means I have been relegated to my house.  One thing about our family that my mom finds hilarious is that we don’t do heat!  No way no how!  I explain my relationship with the outdoors by telling people I am allergic to bees (which I am) and that Mr. S.  burns easily (which he does).  Although I detest the heat, I do quite enjoy going outside with Lady S and playing some ball.  She seems to enjoy it and quite frankly it’s a good way to burn off some calories without even really thinking about it.

I am finally back after being rendered helpless over the weekend.  We went to our favorite Mexican restaurant on Friday night and I knew about 10 minutes after leaving that I had eaten too much!  Oh I will spare you the details because you don’t want to know (trust me), but I was sick until Sunday midday.  Now I have gone through this before.  Go out to eat and then pay for it later.  I typically relegate myself to safe things on the menu….salad, grilled chicken, some type of potato, vegetables, but that just isn’t possible at a Mexican restaurant.  And who can pass up the cheese dip anyway!

So that leads me to a Public Service Announcement


I have no idea what I expected but I did NOT expect to be rendered helpless by the digestive Gods.   You will find that once you start to eliminate excess fats, sugars, and that other bad stuff from your diet, when you try to reintroduce it your body might just revolt.  Think of it this way.  The majority of your overall health is in your digestive tract…essentially your gut!  If you don’t treat it well then your entire body will be thrown off.  I enjoy eating out with my family occasionally and you should too.

A few good things to remember when eating out:

  1. Make wise choices off the menu.  Check the website before you go to help you make healthier choices.  Don’t run away from the wonderful chips and dip or bread that a lot of restaurants offer, just don’t eat in excess.
  2. Eat slowly and enjoy it!  This is where I royally messed up at the Mexican place.  I ate too many chips, way too fast and well…I paid for it 😦
  3. Have a drink if you like but be wise about that too.  Endless refills of sweet tea or soda are no bueno.  EVER!!!

So now that the digestive Gods are once again happy with me, I am back on track.   I had a fantastic workout last night at the gym!

The next entry will be my measurement stats!  Holy Moly!  Be on the lookout!

Til the next time,


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