Cookout Shenanigans and other disasters

Tis the season for cookouts and all of that! I am super grateful for them especially in those days that I simply do not want to cook! Mr. S is good on the grill so we eat grilled food quite a bit! The downside of cooking out is that it is a nightmare when it comes to eating! Imagine all that mayonnaise laden potato salad and pasta salad…all those mechanically separated meats…the fish drowned in peanut oil…my gosh that’s enough to drive anyone to calorie hell.

We recently had a small cookout of our own and stuck to hotdogs and not the usual burgers. While the dogs themselves weren’t so bad, after closer examination I found the buns were! I can easily eat two hotdogs at a BBQ without blinking. Heck to be honest maybe three. And I did eat a hotdog…minus the bun. Same way Lady S eats hers! Saved myself a ton I calories just from that. I had a very small portion of pasta salad since it wasn’t made with mayo.

The gist here is that you can eat well and have fun at a cookout by making a few small adjustments

  • Eat meats without the bun
  • Skip the mayo on your sandwich and skip the salads made with mayo and/or Ranch dressing
  • Drink bottled water and skip those sodas! They only dehydrate you further and who needs that at a cookout
  • If fruit salad or salad is an option indulge on that first and then eat the main food
  • I will be first to admit the desserts are hard to pass up! Have a slice of cake or some ice cream. It won’t kill you just have it in moderation!

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