Run Forrest Run! Small victory!

Howdy folks! It’s been awhile and I’ve been away enjoying the Fourth but I’m back! Last week was rather casual in terms of eating and working out. My mother came and stayed with us for a week so that allowed me to workout during the day which was really helpful! I was even able to squeeze in a few date nights with Mr. S which is always a good thing. We did indulge quite a bit since it was the holiday and we went out a few times. And I enjoyed it! Every once in awhile you just have to eat and be happy!

This week I’m back on my fitness and eating grind. I had spoken earlier about upping my calories due to my increase in weightlifting. I decided to drop my NET calories back down to 1500 because I’m working on losing some more pounds but toning too. It seems to be working well. When you eat a bunch of fruits and veggies it tends to fill you up way better than processed foods!

After getting back on my grind I decided to try running again. I started C25K back in April and hang without for a few weeks and hated it. No way to sugarcoat it. Looking back on it there were a few things I did wrong…

  • I started off without stretching! Major FAIL! I cramped terribly!
  • I started off trying to run too fast when I had no business trying to go fast!
  • I didn’t do my research on how running posture, breathing techniques, and proper footwear!
  • I paid for all of that and called it quits in the 5 week of the program. Last night I decided to just start running…like Forrest Gump but slower paying closer attention to all the things I missed before. Due to that I ran 8 minutes straight with no stopping! Now I realize that to some folks this is minor…even minuscule, but to me this is huge. This means I can pace myself and breath correctly. It also means my cardio capacity has increased! Yippee! I’m going to continue this every workout and see how far I can get!

    Lastly, I’m not sure how much I weight right now. My scale lies….tricky little thing. I can weigh at 7 a.m. and get one weight and 3 minutes later it changes +\- 5 lbs so I don’t trust it. I’m certain I’ve lost something since my clothes are looser but the exact number I don’t know!

    And to sum it all up….an accountability photo!


    We’re off to Whole Foods to score some goodies!


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