Happy Phat Anniversary!

The date totally snuck up on me! July 18, 2013 marked the one year anniversary of the beginning of my health journey! It was 7/18/12 that I went to the doctor and saw 300.4 on the scale at the doctors office. It was that day I came home ranting like a fool about how out of control things had become healthy wise. It was that day I decided to do better, eat better, workout, and track calories. I never in a thousand years imagined that I would be where I am right now. There are really days that I am awe of the changes that I have made. I am feeling my best and I think looking my best! I ask Mr.S often if he’s happy with the changes we have made and he always answers the same…. “I love you bigger or smaller…looks good either way” *insert awwwwww sound here* He’s really been a great inspiration for my journey. When you have the support of your love one behind you it makes a world of difference.

And now an update picture. I started at 300.4 lbs and am currently somewhere between 205-210…. I’m not to certain of my exact weight because I’ve laid off the scale as of late…


Speaking if Mr.S, he has made major changes as well. His health has drastically improved and he’s made many of the changes I have made.
He started at 265 lbs and is currently between 190-195 lbs! I am so proud of him!

Overall it has been a whirlwind of health changes this past year and we are all better for it!

My goals for the next year of my journey are:

  • Improve overall health
  • Continue to expand our recipe collection incorporating more veggies and lean meats
  • Gradually increase weightlifting focus during workouts focusing more on abs and lower body
  • Decrease body fat by at minimum 15-18%
  • Decrease weight by an additional 35-45 lbs.
  • In the end I guess it’s Happy Anniversary to us! We started this journey and we’re gonna keep it going!

    Happy Weekend!

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