Living Room Sweating! At home workouts…

I’m on a roll this week! Two posts! Woohoo! This has been a rather interesting week with working out. I should say that I love my gym…I’ve been there a year and it serves its purpose. I have no complaints. With that said, I do get bored at the gym. I switch up my routines to break up the monotony of it all but sometimes that doesn’t work. On a quest to find something I could talk Mister S into doing at home, I ran to Pinterest to see what I could find. I stumbled upon the wonder that is Melissa Bender. I had seen her website before and never paid much attention. I remember that was at the BEGINNING of my health journey so I wasn’t focused on much other than getting started.

Her website is nothing short of amazing! She has over 300 workouts that are free and can be done at home. They range from beginner to advanced….she’s got some yoga workouts, workouts without any equipment…the majority if them make you use your own body weight to see results! You’re probably thinking “Oh these must be easy!” Um……I have been doing them this week and I can tell you, as my abs and thighs will tell you, these are nowhere near easy! She also has workouts focused on specific areas. I’ve been doing the High Impact Interval Cardio workout that focuses on abs and legs and the Ab workout as well. Here is one for your viewing pleasure.

HIIC Lower Body

Now I know what you’re thinking….”Those are too tough!”…”I won’t be able to do the whole thing!” The good thing is that most of the workouts are between 10-25 minutes. On average I burn 130-140 calories per 10 minutes doing her workouts. Yes they are that intense! Feel free to check out her website and YouTube channel for workouts you can do yourself. Your body will thank you!

Happy Friday!

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