Things I’ve learned along the way…

Well I am one year older which makes me 25!  🙂  I kid…I kid….Actually I am the ripe ole age of 32 and I am damn proud of it!  Being blessed with another year reminds me of all the beautiful people who didn’t make it to 32 and the amazing people who aren’t with us anymore.   I am reminded of someone who I think about daily…that is my grandmother who went home to heaven in May.  I remember she always used to tell me I had big ole hips and that Mister S and I should have at least 4 children.  *insert faint here*.  Well she was right on the first part and so very wrong on the last part unless someone knows something I don’t!   So the last year has been a world wind of emotions and changes physically, mentally, and spiritually.  For this post I thought I would make a list of the most important things I have learned along the way….so without further adieu…..

  • The Struggle is real – If I have learned nothing else during this journey, it’s that the struggle is real.  The struggle to change a lifestyle that I had always known. The struggle to let go of unhealthy habits that would have surely lead to some major health issues in the future.  In the beginning everyday was a struggle but as always we are given a choice.
  • Weight is nothing but a number – In essence it really is nothing but a number.  A number on a scale that controls and consumes many peoples thoughts.  A number that either encourages a woman or breaks her spirit.  A number that is often times off so far that it rarely tells the truth.  The truth is the number on the scale can give a person insight into how they are doing in regards to their health as excessive weight can cause health problems.  It should not however be used to define you.
  • Haters are gonna Hate – Believe me when I tell you this….there will be people who will sabotage your journey, mock you for doing good things for your health, and downright hate in your face.  I determined months ago that haters exist everywhere even in places you would never imagine.  A good friend told me that people who do this are tapping into their own dislike about themselves…could be true.   In the words of a great friend “Haters gon’ hate and Potatoes gon’ potate!”  Haha!
  • Spanx – Spanx is important especially when you wear some super cute outfit and you need some extra support to smooth it all out and keep it all on track.  Having a good human support system is just as important during your journey.  Envision it this way….without proper support things tend to sway and fall where they may.  There is nothing holding it together…nothing holding it up and supporting it.  It’s the same with your health journey.  It is important to have some people in your corner cheering you along in every victory and success you have.  Without support it’s difficult to hold it all together alone.
  • Swag Sucks? – ok well not really.  Swag is actually abundant in my neck of the woods however, having lost as much as I have, dressing this swag is a different story.  As you lose fat and gain confidence you will no doubt want to dress your new body in new fashions.  I’ll admit I am struggling since it’s been so long since I had a body to show off.  I’ll get there Pinterest boards be damned!
  • Married Folks – Mister S and I have been married 7 years.  He’s quite hot these days.  He says I am quite hot as well.  Losing weight = increased sex appeal and flexibility. and I’ll leave it right there…
  • One Life – As I get older I realize what people meant when they said you have one body, one life, and one chance to do it right.  Time is fleeting…there really is no point in putting of for tomorrow what you can do today or yesterday.

So that was a more introspective post than usual but I necessary one I thought.

Until next time!


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