The Progress Dress

Well howdy readers! It’s been a busy week of spending time with Lady S since she starting preschool on Monday. That of course is extremely bittersweet. She’s growing up!

It’s also been a couple of sweaty weeks around here. As I mentioned in a previous post, I’ve been working out more at home focusing on toning and conditioning as opposed to cardio. In short I’ve been avoiding the gym! Not because I’m lazy but I need a break. And I’m taking it. However that DOES NOT mean that I’m abandoning my workouts. On the contrary I am averaging 5-6 workouts per week primarily doing a few favorites from Melissa Bender. I’ve worked on my core, legs and butt, throwing in some high impact interval training, and some tabata workouts. I’m almost more exhausted from my workouts at home than I am from the gym. Maybe it’s because Lady S is always trying to workout get in my waywith me.

Melissa Bender’s workouts are seriously kicking my rear. Literally. None of the workouts I am doing involve equipment. All you need is your own body and maybe a wall to do some serious squats. Speaking of squatting….Ladies if you haven’t incorporated these into your workouts you’re missing out. Many years ago I was blessed by the booty Gods a little too much and with my weight loss I have been working to tone it up! Squats are the answer. They are hard! No doubt about it but they work. I’ve seen a marked slimdown of my thighs and a tightening and heightening of my behind!

Lastly, I haven’t weighed in a few weeks. Quite frankly I’m over looking at it too! I’m gauging my journey by how my clothes fit, my cardio endurance….That brings me to THE dress….the progress dress that all women should have. Men, get yourselves a progress outfit too. The purpose here is to see the changes your body is taking on without looking at the scale. This will be a good way for you to SEE your changes when the scale refuses to move.

So without further adieu….My progress dress….the time difference is 4 months I think…


Now I off to celebrate the fact it’s Saturday!
Til the next time!

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