Abs, Obliques, and all the other stuff that should be sleek!

Thank Goodness I am back among the living!  It has been a hellish 3 weeks here with on and off sickness in our house!  Three weeks ago I caught a cold from a student no doubt.  Got over that and then a sinus infection which caused me to miss 3 days of work and then a hacking cough that turned out to be bronchitis.  I have the weakest immune system on the planet I guess!  While most people only have to take echinecea and goldenseal when they have a cold, I have to take it daily apparently.  *sigh*  After 2 rounds of antibiotics and some happy cough syrup, I am finally feeling like myself again.  Of course because of all of this I have not had the energy nor desire to work out at all.  I did squeeze in 30 minutes or so last Saturday but it just about killed me in all senses of the word.   So it has been on hold.

My last trip to the doctor showed that I had lost 8 pounds since my last visit for a physical about 4 weeks ago so I am still on track with weight loss.  Like I’ve said before, I am not so much focused on numbers on the scale as I am looking and feeling fierce.  This leads me to what this post is about.

For the longest…maybe since puberty (no seriously) I have absolutely felt self conscious about my tummy area.  Always having been overweight, I have always had a pouch.  I remember in high school someone called it a spare doughnut.  I was so mortified back then but found great delight when recently said a$$hole asked for my phone number.  NEGATIVE!   Getting pregnant and giving birth did not help the situation.  I’ve heard terms used such as “mommy tummy” or an “overhang”.  I don’t care what people call it, it urked me to no end!  I knew in the beginning that it was all fat….pounds of fat that had to go away.  So in the beginning I focused on shedding pounds and in the last 3 months or so focused on weight loss PLUS toning up the areas that bother me the most.  The top one being my tummy!

I will preface by saying that six pack abs and chiseled midsections are for people who have 10% or less of body fat.  I am NOWHERE near that and probably will never be.  The truth is I am not looking for a six pack per se but just more definition and toning.   During workouts I spend a great deal of time working on my abs, legs, and butt since that is where I gain weight the fastest.

A typical workout looks like this:

  • 10 Minute HIIT that looks like this
  • 10 Minute Interval Core workout that looks like this
  • 4 Minutes of Tabata that looks like this 
  • 10 Minutes of Leg, Butt, and Ab work that looks like this 
  • 4 Minutes of Tabata again just like above
  • 10 Minutes of Mixed Cardio Training that looks like this

I know what you’re thinking.  “How the H*LL am I supposed to do all that?”  I will say that it is a process that takes time.  I DID NOT start off being able to do a lot of the exercises that you see but have worked my way up to being able to hang with Melissa Bender.  Go with what your body is telling you.  If you can not do 20 reps then start of doing what you can.  Modify exercises as needed.  In the 2 months I have been working out at home ,I have toned up areas that I did not know existed and Mister S commented that my behind is sort of bubbly instead of pancakey.  (Yes I said pancakey!)

So with all that said I am back!

Happy Sunday All and NO MORE PANCAKES!!

🙂 Ro


Cooties are Awesome! NOT

Ah!!!! I digress! It feels like ever since school started I have been battling some snot producing cooties! Well…it finally got me this week and this marks day #2 that I have missed this week from work due to a WICKED sinus infection and excessive pressure in my ears. Whatever that means! I feel terrible…better than yesterday but still not all that well and definitely short fused. Thank goodness Mister S has taken over all parenting, cooking, and cleaning duties while I recuperate. So there’s nothing new to really update. I haven’t been able to really workout in 2 weeks due to off and on sickness but have managed to lose 3 lbs due to lack of appetite.

So to sum up my mood….


Those 100 Calorie snacks are good for you and other lies they tell…

Remember when you first started on your journey or at least thought about starting and you went to the grocery store.  I am sure what was in your cart was boneless skinless chicken breast, some form of fruits, some veggies, some light version of bread, and a ton of fat-free food that would send anyone into a tizzy!  And lest I not forget those delicious (but really not) Smart Ones or Lean Cuisine meals that are supposed to fill you up (but really they don’t).  Congrats!  You fell for it!  Fell for what you might ask?  The old heave ho….the old rules that are supposed to apply to “dieting”.    This is one of those common things that just about everybody I know does.    I remember when making the commitment to eat better I initially weighed my options about what to eat.  I am not above eating a Smart Ones or a Lean Cuisine every now and then but everyday?  I simply can’t and won’t do it.

So what is the issue with some of the stuff that is marketed towards people who are dieting or looking for healthier options?  If you read the labels carefully, you will see that there isn’t much difference between the regular version and the “healthier” version.  The regular version is typically more fatty, has more sodium, and more ingredients that you can’t pronounce.  If you look at the “healthier” version you will see that while there may be a calorie difference, the ingredients list has grown quite a bit.  Makes zero sense considering the “healthier” version is supposed to have more of the good stuff and less of the bad stuff.   Well….when you look at it closely it all makes sense.  The “healthier” version has to make up for the elimination of the bad stuff somehow.  And how do they do that?  Well they add a ton of salt….aka….sodium!  Compare the sodium contents and you will see what I mean.  You can easily eat more than half of the required daily intake of sodium just from heating up your Lean Cuisine meal at lunch.  What’s my recommendation here?  Pack your lunch…from food you cooked at home.  Issue eliminated.

And what about those 100 Calorie snack packs of cookies?  Well….do you know what Red #40 or Blue Lake #1 is?  Yea neither do I.  What I do know is that they are both artificial colors used in so many foods that it is unreal.  We have worked really hard to eliminate artificial colors and dyes from our foods and we have been checking labels for quite some time.  Giving up our Beloved Froot Loops took some major will power but after determining that Lady S’s poop should NOT look like a rainbow after eating cereal, we cut them lose.  I realize that it is difficult to eliminate all the bad stuff from your diet but just a few simple things will help.

So what does it all mean?  Become a label checker and follow these guidelines:

  1. The fewer the ingredients, the better.  If there are 30 ingredients listed in something that you could make yourself with 5 ingredients then you are better off getting off your arse and doing it yourself!
  2. If you can’t pronounce it then you might not want to eat it.
  3. Buy organic when you can.  Look at this list of the top 12 things to buy organic so that you are spending your hard-earned money on things you really don’t need.
  4. Menu Plan –  I’ve said it before and I will say it again.  A little bit of prep will save you a lot of headache!
  5. Simple is always better!  Food doesn’t have to be complicated.

I have to end this post by telling you not to beat yourself up if you slip up a day or two.  Things happen and it can be difficult to do all of these all the time, but you owe it to yourself and your body to at least try!



Ten Pounds…and ONLY ten…

This post is a tad bit introspective in that I’m looking at some things…specifIcally the number 10. In the beginning I said if I can lose 10 pounds I can lose 100…if I can cut out 10 bad things from my diet, I can cut out more than that.

So where am I now more than a year later? Still grinding that’s where! It’s not so much that I could have never done what needed to be done but I didn’t feel like doing it at all. Man I was fat and happy until I was fat and unhappy. It’s funny how you put off for tomorrow what you should have done years ago. Like cutting that boyfriend from your life who was bad news from day one. Or letting go of a friendship that drained you more than a gunshot wound. It’s the bad stuff that keeps you afloat or so you thought.

And here we are. 175 lbs lighter in our house and still working at it. Mister S has had a less sweat filled journey than I have but his journey has not been easy. I tend to roll with the punches so I can’t say it’s been especially hard but there have been moments! So without further adieu 10 things of…my journey…yea that’s what I’ll call it!

  • I love myself. ALL I myself including the stretch marks! *gasp*. Yes I love them. Hell I’ve had them since puberty and gained a few more from becoming a mother. Each one came from something.
  • Compliments are weird but in a good way. I’m still getting used to them. I usually smile and say thanks and keep it moving.
  • My inner fat kid is still alive and loves mayo and bacon and cheese. Is there a pill to cure this?
  • Cooking is addictive especially when the end product tastes so damn good! Cooking with your significant other can also cause some Fifty Shades of Grey moments 😉
  • I stare in the mirror….NAKED!!! Haha!!! You mean you don’t look at your sexy self and marvel at the wonders of your own body? Heck…try it and see how marvelous you are no matter your size.
  • Muscles are cool. They are much cooler when I see a new one pop up. Who knew I would care so much about muscle definition in my back. Hello push-ups!!!
  • Planks and burpees are from hell but they hurt so good! Never tried either? Google them…you will hate and love them all at once.
  • Gym workouts bore me. I’ve lost my Planet Fitness love. I’m not the least bit sad about the breakup. It was necessary!
  • I detest but love Melissa Bender more than Jillian Michaels. Jillian is brutal. Her voice is like nails on a chalkboard. And well I find her workouts…boring. Melissa is a nice drill sergeant who smiles and kills muscle groups all at once. Haven’t worked out with her yet? Shame on you!
  • Nothing is personal about this! I’ve talked to people who confide their struggle and private things more than I imagined. I’m humbled that people trust me with their journey. That they ask for my advice. Humble is a good word. A good word indeed.

Til the Next Time!


Slacker Snacking!

Oh have I been slack about updating my blog!  The last two weeks have been so busy and top that with both Lady S and myself getting sick….it has NOT been a good time in our house!  A true sign that school is back in session is when every teacher you meet has a cough or a cold or some random stomach bug after being just fine all summer long.  Story of my life as a teacher.  We all have echinacea and goldenseal on deck.  I have Mucinex so we are working it out as we go!

Going back to school has definitely put my snacking in check.  As I said in an earlier post, we subscribed to Naturebox which has been a lifesaver for me at work.  Upon inspection of the snack machine, I found Coke, M&M’s, candy bars, and a variety of bags of chips.  Can I at least get some SunChips or something?  Even that would make me happy!  But alas there is nothing like that…so I portion out my Naturebox treats and keep it moving.  Mister S doesn’t seem to be a fan of anything they send other than the trail mix so that leaves me with everything else.  Something that I have been doing is studying the ingredients in their products.  Nothing seems overly complicated to make on my own.  And that’s what I intend to do next weekend.  Replicate as many of their good recipes that I like so that we can eventually cancel the service.  Now….I know what you’re thinking….”If we like it then cancel it?”  Because for $19.99 I can make my own exact replicas of their snacks and whole heck of a lot more of them.  I’ll be sure to post the results when we get done.  The first thing I am attempting is Tart and Tangy Almond Bites which I am making up the recipe!

We’ve done really well with limiting our eating out!  Of course I menu plan so we have an idea of what we want to eat each night and on other nights we might switch things up a bit.   Thank Goodness Mister S is all about doing this cooking, parenting, household duty thing 50/50!

Tonight we feast on these wonderful Crockpot Sausages and Peppers!  If it tastes as good as it smells then we are in for a treat!

Til Next Time!