Slacker Snacking!

Oh have I been slack about updating my blog!  The last two weeks have been so busy and top that with both Lady S and myself getting sick….it has NOT been a good time in our house!  A true sign that school is back in session is when every teacher you meet has a cough or a cold or some random stomach bug after being just fine all summer long.  Story of my life as a teacher.  We all have echinacea and goldenseal on deck.  I have Mucinex so we are working it out as we go!

Going back to school has definitely put my snacking in check.  As I said in an earlier post, we subscribed to Naturebox which has been a lifesaver for me at work.  Upon inspection of the snack machine, I found Coke, M&M’s, candy bars, and a variety of bags of chips.  Can I at least get some SunChips or something?  Even that would make me happy!  But alas there is nothing like that…so I portion out my Naturebox treats and keep it moving.  Mister S doesn’t seem to be a fan of anything they send other than the trail mix so that leaves me with everything else.  Something that I have been doing is studying the ingredients in their products.  Nothing seems overly complicated to make on my own.  And that’s what I intend to do next weekend.  Replicate as many of their good recipes that I like so that we can eventually cancel the service.  Now….I know what you’re thinking….”If we like it then cancel it?”  Because for $19.99 I can make my own exact replicas of their snacks and whole heck of a lot more of them.  I’ll be sure to post the results when we get done.  The first thing I am attempting is Tart and Tangy Almond Bites which I am making up the recipe!

We’ve done really well with limiting our eating out!  Of course I menu plan so we have an idea of what we want to eat each night and on other nights we might switch things up a bit.   Thank Goodness Mister S is all about doing this cooking, parenting, household duty thing 50/50!

Tonight we feast on these wonderful Crockpot Sausages and Peppers!  If it tastes as good as it smells then we are in for a treat!

Til Next Time!


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