Ten Pounds…and ONLY ten…

This post is a tad bit introspective in that I’m looking at some things…specifIcally the number 10. In the beginning I said if I can lose 10 pounds I can lose 100…if I can cut out 10 bad things from my diet, I can cut out more than that.

So where am I now more than a year later? Still grinding that’s where! It’s not so much that I could have never done what needed to be done but I didn’t feel like doing it at all. Man I was fat and happy until I was fat and unhappy. It’s funny how you put off for tomorrow what you should have done years ago. Like cutting that boyfriend from your life who was bad news from day one. Or letting go of a friendship that drained you more than a gunshot wound. It’s the bad stuff that keeps you afloat or so you thought.

And here we are. 175 lbs lighter in our house and still working at it. Mister S has had a less sweat filled journey than I have but his journey has not been easy. I tend to roll with the punches so I can’t say it’s been especially hard but there have been moments! So without further adieu 10 things of…my journey…yea that’s what I’ll call it!

  • I love myself. ALL I myself including the stretch marks! *gasp*. Yes I love them. Hell I’ve had them since puberty and gained a few more from becoming a mother. Each one came from something.
  • Compliments are weird but in a good way. I’m still getting used to them. I usually smile and say thanks and keep it moving.
  • My inner fat kid is still alive and loves mayo and bacon and cheese. Is there a pill to cure this?
  • Cooking is addictive especially when the end product tastes so damn good! Cooking with your significant other can also cause some Fifty Shades of Grey moments 😉
  • I stare in the mirror….NAKED!!! Haha!!! You mean you don’t look at your sexy self and marvel at the wonders of your own body? Heck…try it and see how marvelous you are no matter your size.
  • Muscles are cool. They are much cooler when I see a new one pop up. Who knew I would care so much about muscle definition in my back. Hello push-ups!!!
  • Planks and burpees are from hell but they hurt so good! Never tried either? Google them…you will hate and love them all at once.
  • Gym workouts bore me. I’ve lost my Planet Fitness love. I’m not the least bit sad about the breakup. It was necessary!
  • I detest but love Melissa Bender more than Jillian Michaels. Jillian is brutal. Her voice is like nails on a chalkboard. And well I find her workouts…boring. Melissa is a nice drill sergeant who smiles and kills muscle groups all at once. Haven’t worked out with her yet? Shame on you!
  • Nothing is personal about this! I’ve talked to people who confide their struggle and private things more than I imagined. I’m humbled that people trust me with their journey. That they ask for my advice. Humble is a good word. A good word indeed.

Til the Next Time!


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