Abs, Obliques, and all the other stuff that should be sleek!

Thank Goodness I am back among the living!  It has been a hellish 3 weeks here with on and off sickness in our house!  Three weeks ago I caught a cold from a student no doubt.  Got over that and then a sinus infection which caused me to miss 3 days of work and then a hacking cough that turned out to be bronchitis.  I have the weakest immune system on the planet I guess!  While most people only have to take echinecea and goldenseal when they have a cold, I have to take it daily apparently.  *sigh*  After 2 rounds of antibiotics and some happy cough syrup, I am finally feeling like myself again.  Of course because of all of this I have not had the energy nor desire to work out at all.  I did squeeze in 30 minutes or so last Saturday but it just about killed me in all senses of the word.   So it has been on hold.

My last trip to the doctor showed that I had lost 8 pounds since my last visit for a physical about 4 weeks ago so I am still on track with weight loss.  Like I’ve said before, I am not so much focused on numbers on the scale as I am looking and feeling fierce.  This leads me to what this post is about.

For the longest…maybe since puberty (no seriously) I have absolutely felt self conscious about my tummy area.  Always having been overweight, I have always had a pouch.  I remember in high school someone called it a spare doughnut.  I was so mortified back then but found great delight when recently said a$$hole asked for my phone number.  NEGATIVE!   Getting pregnant and giving birth did not help the situation.  I’ve heard terms used such as “mommy tummy” or an “overhang”.  I don’t care what people call it, it urked me to no end!  I knew in the beginning that it was all fat….pounds of fat that had to go away.  So in the beginning I focused on shedding pounds and in the last 3 months or so focused on weight loss PLUS toning up the areas that bother me the most.  The top one being my tummy!

I will preface by saying that six pack abs and chiseled midsections are for people who have 10% or less of body fat.  I am NOWHERE near that and probably will never be.  The truth is I am not looking for a six pack per se but just more definition and toning.   During workouts I spend a great deal of time working on my abs, legs, and butt since that is where I gain weight the fastest.

A typical workout looks like this:

  • 10 Minute HIIT that looks like this
  • 10 Minute Interval Core workout that looks like this
  • 4 Minutes of Tabata that looks like this 
  • 10 Minutes of Leg, Butt, and Ab work that looks like this 
  • 4 Minutes of Tabata again just like above
  • 10 Minutes of Mixed Cardio Training that looks like this

I know what you’re thinking.  “How the H*LL am I supposed to do all that?”  I will say that it is a process that takes time.  I DID NOT start off being able to do a lot of the exercises that you see but have worked my way up to being able to hang with Melissa Bender.  Go with what your body is telling you.  If you can not do 20 reps then start of doing what you can.  Modify exercises as needed.  In the 2 months I have been working out at home ,I have toned up areas that I did not know existed and Mister S commented that my behind is sort of bubbly instead of pancakey.  (Yes I said pancakey!)

So with all that said I am back!

Happy Sunday All and NO MORE PANCAKES!!

🙂 Ro

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