The Fashion Struggle is REAL!!

Well here it is another Sunday which means dinner already in the crockpot and I am out scouring the racks for clothing deals. The single most frustrating part about this journey has been the constant need to buy new clothes! It’s frustrating and fun all at once. In the beginning I tried to wait until I dropped a whole clothing size but that just doesn’t work anymore. Toning up means inches fall off and clothes have to work with that.

In the past I faithfully dropped a STUPID amount of money at Lane Bryant…like $160 and walk out with 4 pieces of clothes. That was before Lady S came along. It’s just not affordable anymore. Besides that, nothing in there really feels good or fits right. So I have *gulp and gasp* started scouring the racks of the local Goodwill stores. Yes the Goodwill and let me tell you. I seriously have underestimated what you get with a mere $50. Dependent upon where you go and what part of town, you can score some amazing things. Some name brand that you could not have been able to afford and some really unique, random pieces. Pair that with classic staples and Pinterest ideas and you have a recipe for fashion success!

I’ve been working really hard to slowly up the ante on my style choices but this all new territory for me and I am still getting comfortable with having A body to style. May sound silly but being overweight and the fat that you carry around is sort of like a cover that keeps you safe.

So without further adieu here are three outfits with price breakdowns that were inspired by Pinterest!


Lime Green Cardigan/JCPenny – 4.99

Denim Pencil Skirt/JCPenny – 13.49

Camisole/Walmart – 2.00

Black Ballet Flats/Walmart – 5.00

Outfit Total = 25.48


Button Up Grey & White Shirt/JCPenny – 7.99

Old Navy Demin Skirt/Goodwill – 3.99

Black Ballet Flats/Avenue (This are 2 or so years old) – Original Price 12.99

Outfit Total = 24.97


Kenneth Cole Sweater/Goodwill (Brand New…score!!!!) – 3.99

Cato Premium Jeans/Goodwill – 4.99

Scarf – Freebie from my mom!!! 

Camel Colored Boots/Woman Within online – 29.99

Outfit total = 38.97

So without adding in the price of shoes the majority of my outfits are ranging between 9.99 to 19.99.  The good thing about shopping clearance and bargains is that even if I tone up and lose more, I won’t feel so bad about having spent just a little bit of hard earned cash on outfits!

Hopefully this gives you a few ideas.  As long as you get creative and really search for good deals, you can look pretty good without spending a ton of money!

Until the next time!



Weight Loss Journey Update!

Howdy readers!  The weekend is finally upon us after what seems like the longest week ever.  Yesterday was super long so I was very thankful that Mister S has a PS3 to keep him entertained.  I caught a few episodes of Sons of Anarchy and called it a night!  Which of course means I did not work out yesterday.  I simply didn’t have the energy or desire to do it!  

This morning I woke up bright eyed and bushy tailed with Lady S and started our day off really well.  My laziness led to not having any vanilla yogurt in my house!  One of my favorite breakfasts is Greek yogurt and granola!  I settled for a bagel and regular yogurt instead.  I hopped to it this morning, completing a minute sculpting workout from the wonderful Melissa Bender. Lady S felt the need to workout with this morning and has been running around all day saying “Good Morning!  I am Melissa Bender”.  Pure comedy that she thinks that jumping up and down is the equivalent to completing a burpee with a pushup.  Only if it was that simple!  

I will say that I have been focusing less on pounds lost and more on muscles gained.  I am still on my regiment of working out no less than 4 days a week but I haven’t been tracking my calories as religiously as I used to.  I can tell you when I have eaten way too much food in one day.  As a matter of fact, my ankles tend to tell the truth.  I talked about my veinous reflux disease in my legs and the surgery I had back in February to fix it.  Although my legs are nowhere close to what they used to be, my body is still quite sensitive to salt.  If I eat too much of it then my ankles will swell.  Bring on the water to flush all that salt out.  I still log my workouts every now and  then on MFP but not as much as I used to.  Like I have said before, getting healthy is less about temporary changes and more about lifestyle changes.

So that brings me to cooking….Oh I have been slack.  Thank Goodness that Mister S is a master in the kitchen.  *hanging my head low*  I have not been menu planning either.  I am back on it starting Monday considering our freezer is well stocked with ridiculous stuff from Whole Foods and Aldi.  

I am off to figure out what we’ll eat tonight and what we’ll have for next week!  

Until next time! 


*Knock Knock* Hello? Is anyone home?

Hola Readers!  It’s been so long since I was last here!  It’s been a hellish month here in our house and it has literally done us all in.  Every fall, as soon as the temperature starts to change, I know a few things are going to happen.  1.  Lady S is going to start her ritual of allergies kicking her behind and monthly check ins with her doctor and 2. I will have a sinus infection and/or bronchitis no later than October.  Well both things have come true.  Lady S is battling a fierce bout of allergies/respiratory issues and will be at the doctor in the morning.  I started with a cold that turned into a sinus infection that antibiotics couldn’t touch which turned into a full on bout of bronchitis.  Thanks to a strong dose of antibiotics (17 days in all) and some happy cough syrup, I am finally feeling better.  Needless to say, working out hit a back burner and so has cooking.  It’s quite tough meeting the needs of a toddler while feeling like your head is going to explode and your lungs might implode.

It’s now half way through October and the leaves are starting to turn and fall off the trees.  Although we are always sick this time of year, I absolutely adore this season…Fall and then the joys of Thanksgiving, and then Christmas!  There are so many times I wish we had moved our wedding date to October just so we could have a fall theme.  Maybe for our 20 year anniversary we just might!

Now on to the health stuff.  Although I have not been to the gym since August, I have yet to formally end the relationship.  For some reason I feel like I need to have it standby just in case I need a Planet Fitness fix.  I will admit that since I am working out at home now, the motivation to do it isn’t always there.  This is currently where I am struggling.  I have gone from a size 26 down to a size 16/18 and I have to be honest.  I am quite comfortable being this size.  My goal was never to be stick thin cause well…I like my curves and so does Mister S!  I do, however, want to continue to tone and tighten up especially in the tummy area and in the thigh area.  I do a lot of looking at myself in the mirror and while I have made HUGE progress on both, there is still some work to do that I am sure will mean losing more weight.  No one can convince me that after doing the amount of mountain climbers, planks, SpiderMan push ups, and V-ups that I do that there aren’t some killer abs under the fat!  Now I just have to get rid of some more fat!

Be ready for some post bombing because I have a lot of things to update on including fashion!

Til Next Time!