Weight Loss Journey Update!

Howdy readers!  The weekend is finally upon us after what seems like the longest week ever.  Yesterday was super long so I was very thankful that Mister S has a PS3 to keep him entertained.  I caught a few episodes of Sons of Anarchy and called it a night!  Which of course means I did not work out yesterday.  I simply didn’t have the energy or desire to do it!  

This morning I woke up bright eyed and bushy tailed with Lady S and started our day off really well.  My laziness led to not having any vanilla yogurt in my house!  One of my favorite breakfasts is Greek yogurt and granola!  I settled for a bagel and regular yogurt instead.  I hopped to it this morning, completing a minute sculpting workout from the wonderful Melissa Bender. Lady S felt the need to workout with this morning and has been running around all day saying “Good Morning!  I am Melissa Bender”.  Pure comedy that she thinks that jumping up and down is the equivalent to completing a burpee with a pushup.  Only if it was that simple!  

I will say that I have been focusing less on pounds lost and more on muscles gained.  I am still on my regiment of working out no less than 4 days a week but I haven’t been tracking my calories as religiously as I used to.  I can tell you when I have eaten way too much food in one day.  As a matter of fact, my ankles tend to tell the truth.  I talked about my veinous reflux disease in my legs and the surgery I had back in February to fix it.  Although my legs are nowhere close to what they used to be, my body is still quite sensitive to salt.  If I eat too much of it then my ankles will swell.  Bring on the water to flush all that salt out.  I still log my workouts every now and  then on MFP but not as much as I used to.  Like I have said before, getting healthy is less about temporary changes and more about lifestyle changes.

So that brings me to cooking….Oh I have been slack.  Thank Goodness that Mister S is a master in the kitchen.  *hanging my head low*  I have not been menu planning either.  I am back on it starting Monday considering our freezer is well stocked with ridiculous stuff from Whole Foods and Aldi.  

I am off to figure out what we’ll eat tonight and what we’ll have for next week!  

Until next time! 


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