Cardio is for girls…

Well I’m back!  It has taken so much energy to get back into the swing of things after being sick.  My muscles completely forget what it is that I have been training them to do for months and oh the pain that I feel after working out from a break is ridiculous.  Pair that with one of the busiest times of the school year as an EC teacher and it’s been crazy!

This past weekend I invited Mister S the opportunity to work out with me.  He’s done such a good job of losing the weight and living healthier without the element of working out.  I should say that Mister S works a manual labor job that requires him to work probably every muscle in his body every day and all day.  So he just gets ripped by doing that.  Because Lady S was out at her grandma’s this weekend, we had the opportunity to workout together.  For months Mister S has said that he can’t do a girlie workout…that he can’t do possibly get fit by working out to a girl.  Well let me just say that he got schooled this weekend.  At the end of it he looked a little a beatdown baby doll and was saying something like this…

After 30 minutes of high intensity interval cardio and muscle work, he was dripping sweat and begging for a cup of water.  It only takes a solid 50 seconds of pushups followed by high knees rounded off by 50 seconds of planking….oh he was finished!

One thing that I hear the men around me say is that they have to get in the gym and lift a ton of weights to get the body they want.  Not entirely true.  Yes weight lifting and toning are VERY important if you want to sculpt the body underneath but most people not trying to get super buff and covered in muscles.  I have found more definition and toning since working out home than I found in months of working out at the gym.

I am hoping that Mister S works out with me more.  It definitely makes it go by faster and there is nothing like laughing every now and then at how silly we both look.

Til Next Time!


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