Definition in the Ab Maximus!


Howdy readers!

It’s a new week and a new milestone for me! The title of this post says it all! I had to post an update pic because I simply could not keep all the excitement to myself. I think I’ve said this before but if not then here goes….

My problem area in life as it pertains to this goddess body is my hind parts, my thighs, and my belly. Oh man…I had a belly before I had a kid and post birth just made it worse. Couple that with out of control eating and general laziness and it was a disaster waiting to happen and happen it did! I typically shied away from full body pics because my stomach was out of control as you can see! Isn’t my nephew cute by the way? Oh wait you can’t see his face! Had to put a cute smiley over him since I don’t want the crazies jacking his image. Now back to the story. When I started this journey my waist circumference was round about 45-47 inches depending on the day of the week and what I ate. As I’ve gone through this process, I’ve found that certain foods cause extreme bloat while others don’t. My primary focus in the beginning was to drop pounds and worry about toning later.

Well that later started this summer when, despite all my efforts, I just could not tone up my stomach. It was much smaller but not what I wanted. After months of planks, burpees (aka The Devil), crunches, reverse crunches, and oblique work I am seeing a little definition poke out! Do you guys see it? I am stoked cause darnit I see it! Mister S sees it! My mom sees it! Yay!!! Now I should say that I am NOT striving for a 6 pack. Typically people that have those well defined and chiseled abs have 10% or less of body fat. Not near that at all!

I’m not sure when I’ll stop losing weight and just maintain. I don’t have a set number in my mind of when to stop. I guess once I feel like I’ve reached my maximum swag level I’ll quit! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚. For now I’m just enjoying the changes and the ride!

Til next time!

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