Big Girls Club?

So I was told the other day that I am no longer part of the “Big Girls Club” and well I was slightly offended.  Sounds weird right, but let me explain.  For so many years I had been a part of this unspoken group of ladies who preferred tables instead of booths because it gives a lady space to breathe and expand and all that…the group that shopped online because the stores simply didn’t carry “our” sizes…the group who walked right past some of the clearance racks cause they surely did not carry my size.  And well…now I am being kicked out of the group!  Why!!!???

I should say that this is two fold for me.  On one hand, I had not done the serious work to lose weight because I had spent so much money on clothes.  A $59.99 pair of jeans from Lane Bryant or a $29.99 shirt from the Avenue.  In any case that’s a ton of money.  I didn’t want to have to go back and give all those clothes away or even sell them!  In hindsight, it was such a stupid reason for not trying to get healthy.  On the other hand, I desperately wanted to go into Target or Old Navy and pick up a pair of jeans straight off the rack without having to order them.  To not be larger than the sizes that they carry in the store.  I had always wanted to be able to buy shirts that didn’t have some kind if X at the beginning…how about just a plain old S,M, or even a L will do.  Single letters…single sizes!

It’s weird shopping now.  I’m in new territory and it’s scary sometimes.  Lord knows if it wasn’t for Pinterest I would be a mess.   It’s also exciting to be able to try on clothes and not worry about whether they have my size in the store.

And in case you were wondering…I gave away all those Lane Bryant clothes…I would say somewhere around $1500 worth of stuff.  Money down the drain but the reason behind their exit from my house?  PRICELESS



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