What’s in the Fridge? You get to see!

If there is one thing that is constant in my conversations with people is that they ask a million and one questions about what is in our refrigerator.  People want to know what we eat everyday…do we only eat fruits and veggies….do we have sweets in the house…do we use sugar or Splenda or nothing at all….  It gets mindboggling to answer everyone individually so I’ll answer a few of the questions we get most often below.  Keep in mind as you read my answers, these are the things that work for US as a family and may not work for you. Things we find appealing, you may not like.  You won’t get a side eye from us if you decide to switch it up for you and your family.

The Fridge Q&A

  • Which one is better?  Sugar? Splenda? or Stevia?  When I first began this journey, I avoided sugar like the plague.  I know that a lot of foods that are typically in the grocery store have a ton of hidden sugar.  For example….I love greek yogurt, BUT I have to be careful of what kind I buy because the sugar content in some of them is off the charts.  You would be better off just eating a couple of tablespoons of sugar.  I personally switched to Splenda and then got weirded out by all the strange ingredients and went with Stevia.  Stevia is a natural sweetener, however, be careful of what you buy as some in the grocery stores are filled with additives.  Mister S continues to use sugar which isn’t all bad.  At 15 calories a pop it’s not gonna kill you…well unless you eat a ton of it!
  • Do we really eat fruits and veggies?  The short answer is yes we do.  The long answer would be that we are super picky about both.  I don’t particullarly care for fruits except for citrus fruits, apples, and a few berries.  Mister S likes fewer than that…some berries and grapes.  Lady S seems to like all fruits except for melons.  We try to keep berries, bananas, and apples in the fridge at all times.  As far as veggies go, Lady S eat zero except for kernels of corn.  Mister S and I eat just about anything except he finds mushrooms repulsive while I love them!  For dinner each night we have a veggie or two and Lady S gets fruit and hidden veggies! (Don’t tell her)
  • Do we eat out at all?  Absolutely!  I have talked many times about how restricting yourself too much will lead to diet failure.  Living a healthy lifestyle is all about balance of the good stuff and the not so good stuff.  I will freely admit that we are huge fans of ChickFilA!  It is one of the few places that we can take Lady S and her peanut/tree nut allergy and feel secure with what we feed her.  Our treat is once per week we eat out.  Sometimes it’s twice depending on how busy we are and what we have to do.  I always caution people and say that yes take out food has MSG in it and yes it has food dyes and yes it has GMO’s….not all but a lot of it.  You have to decide for yourself if that’s ok with you and your family.
  • Organic or Natural?  Oh this is a loaded question!  I hate to burst everyone’s bubble but products labeled as natural mean nothing other than someone got crafty and put it on the package.  The most natural foods are those straight from the Earth likes fruits and veggies you grow yourself, but other than that nothing is really natural that is produced and processed.  What is labeled as organic is truly that.  When buying organic you can ensure that it has been through a rigorous process and it is free of GMOs or genetically modified organisms.  Now before you start complaining about your grocery bill, let me tell you I already know.  It’s expensive to feed a family completely organic.  We don’t, BUT we try to buy as much organic as we can.  We also spend the extra money at Whole Foods and a local farm to get responsibly and humanely raised meats that are free of antibiotics and not fed GMO feed (ORGANIC basically).
  • Do we eat sweets and do we drink soda?  To answer the first question, yes we do eat sweets…in moderation.  Ice Cream was replaced with frozen yogurt.  Store brought cookies have been replaced with homemade cookies.  Unfortunately we can’t replace Oreo’s with anything so they stay!  haha!!  We do drink soda from time to time but severely limit it in our home.  We just got a SodaStream machine and hope to find some options that are free of food dyes.

I think that hit all of the high spots and questions that we get.  If you have one specifically for us feel free to email or leave a comment and we’ll gladly answer!




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