New Years Resolutions? Go for it but not me!

Howdy readers and Happy New Year!! It’s hard to believe that 2013 is over. The older I get the more time seems to fly. I remember being a kid and thinking that time moved so slow but not anymore! All in all, last year was wonderful! The Mister and I added one more year to our wonderful relationship and Lady S is growing like a weed and thriving. 2013 saw us continuing forward with our health journey and we are carrying it over into the new year. That leads me to the idea of resolutions.

In essence it’s something that you commit to do or change. The New Year is always the time when most people decide to do something different. Some people make resolutions to stop smoking, to have healthier relationships, to pray more, to get a new job….and here is where the issue comes in. What in the world stopped someone from making a change BEFORE? What is it about a new year that changes people? Well, I guess it depends on who you ask. I have never been into making resolutions at the new year it any other time of year. If there is something pressing that needs to be done, then I’ll do it when I get ready. I have made resolutions in the past regarding my health and they never stuck. I would do great for a few weeks and then it would wane.

All over the tv now is Jessica Simpson and her weight watchers ads…or Jessica Hudson or Valerie Bertinelli! I want to throw random objects at the tv every time I see it. It irritates me to no end because it puts these false ideas into people’s heads. Losing weight is simply a PART of your health journey. The goal should not be to lose weight but to live a healthier lifestyle and the weight loss will come. I won’t get preachy in this post but I wish everyone well who makes a health resolution. Remember the hardest part is the beginning.

Til next time!

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