Eating Well without Sacrificing Flavor!

Howdy readers!  I can’t believe that it already the middle of January!  This month is literally flying by.  Before we know it, it will be Valentines…the holiday for lovers…and chocolate…and cake…and good food.  Haha!  Obviously I already have ideas in mind for Mister S!  (hint hint).

One of the crazy things about January is that as teachers it’s a LONG months.  As if being a teacher wasn’t hard enough, most of us go all month with no check until the very end.  I’ll spare you the details, but it takes for some careful planning in terms of food and the such.  At the beginning of the month, I sat down and came up with a menu plan for our family detailing our dinners.  This helps me to know what to buy when I go grocery shopping and what meals we plan to have.  We try very hard to alternate meals that we know are tried and true hits and meals that we want to try.  We usually save the new recipes for the weekend since I have more time to come up with an alternate meal if it turns out to be a dud!  For dinner, we typically alternate between ground beef, pork chops or tenderloin, boneless skinless chicken breasts, and wild caught fish of some sort.  For breakfast, I have found the joy of making freezer sandwiches and recently tackled homemade cinnamon rolls!  Let me tell you (like I have BEFORE), that menu planning is the key to food success.  It is in those random moments when you’ve worked a long day and are dog tired that you make the worst eating choices.

Something I see often at work, in the grocery store, listening to friends, is that they think that losing weight means eating bland food or better yet eating things that people KNOW they won’t keep up with.  Case in point…Everywhere I look there are these green concoctions that people are calling green smoothies.  Honestly, to me, they look like baby poop that has been blended with some fruit and ta-da!  Now you have a green smoothie.  Don’t get me started about what it looks like once it starts to melt.  Bleh…..Now before you get all upset know this.  If you like green smoothies…go for it.  The bigger question is….Is that something you can keep up and is it going to become a regular part of your healthy eating plan? If the answer is no, then don’t waste your time.  It goes along the lines of those Lean Cuisine meals…bleh…bleh…bleh…They came in handy when you’re in a bind but they just don’t sustain you.  I used to eat them years ago and literally after 2 hours, I was ready to eat something else because they just don’t have staying power.

If I could tell people one thing it would simply be ….  Eat Well and Eat Good.  Food is nourishment for your body and once you begin your journey, your attitude towards food will undoubtedly change.  Yes chips taste delicious and I have some from time to time, BUT almonds taste good and so do apples with peanut butter.  Clearly you can decide for yourself what is the healthier option for you.  Also don’t be afraid to get in that kitchen and actually cook some of your favorites from scratch.  I promise you it might be intimidating at first but you’ll be surprised at how different food tastes when it’s not packed with food dyes, preservatives, and crap you can’t pronounce.

Maybe I’ll start posting some recipes to help you all out!

Til Next Time!


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