What’s going on with us?

Howdy readers! It’s been while since I last posted and one of my avid followers reminded me of it! Just called me out and that’s ok! Oh where do I start? Well first off things are still going good in the health department. The holidays (a few months ago I know) were wrought with sweets and good eats and yes I did partake and no I did not feel guilty about it! I didn’t lose any weight over the holidays but I did gain muscles but more on that later!

Mister S recently decided that he was reading to start working out regularly which has been quite interesting. He’s lost all of his weight by altering his diet alone. Must be a man thing cause that doesn’t work for me. Because of that we are looking into expanding our home gym and adding some free weights to the mix. He’s lost somewhere around 100 pounds which is awesome. I find myself staring at all his awesomeness!!!

So what’s been up with me? Well….I’m still doing what I have been for months. I have to make a confession however, I have not been tracking like I should. I have mentioned before that sometimes tracking gets tedious for me. The motion of signing in and logging gets to be a bit much. Ill let you guess what that led to.   So I am back on it…logging of course.  I will freely admit that if you follow me on MFP that there are days or maybe even a full week that I don’t log.  I simply forget or remember right before going to bed. Being that I have to be up and ready and at work by 7:40 ( ok somedays I’m 2 minutes late) I am not wasting a minute in losing sleep. My journey has taught me how to regulate what I eat. See once you start eliminating the bad stuff, your body knows when you cheat too much and let’s you know. It’s rather interesting but I will get a terrible tummy ache and headache if I eat too much sugar. It’s my body’s way of saying “no boo….you can’t eat that!”.

I recently started a body challenge along with my usual Melissa Bender videos and it’s been great. It can also be found on YouTube for free. If you have never visited BodyRockTV I highly suggest it. Their workouts are brutal and I wouldn’t recommend them for a beginner but they get the job done and some!

My favorite size 16 jeans are now loose and baggy in all the wrong place (front crotch anyone?) and now I need to go shopping yet again. *sigh* the up and downside of healthy living and losing weight. The good news is that Spring is the air and I can finally show off my guns! Haha!

I totally promise to do better with blogging! I have tons of stuff to share and really need to get all down in here!

Until next time
Ro 😘


Why didn’t you eat breakfast this morning?

Good Morning readers!  It has been awhile since I last graced this blog.  My life has been really busy and we have been off and on sick in our home for awhile.  Couple that with the busiest time of the year at work and it’s been really crazy!  With all of that and a sprinkle of school work for Mister S, we have had our hands full.  *insert violin playing here*

OK so that leads me to something  I have talked about before…menu planning.  I met so many people who don’t eat breakfast.  Is that you?  Are you hanging your head down in shame?  Well if you didn’t eat something this morning, you should be!  I kid I kid!  No judgment but seriously let’s have an honest conversation.

On a typical morning Mister S and I are up no later than 5:30.  We both have to be at work around 7:30-7:40 each morning.  Add a rambunctious toddler to the mix who likes to streak in the mornings or is grumpy, everyone having to take their vitamins, getting coffee ready, and breakfast served, you are talking about one busy house.  It would be so easy to just buy some PopTarts and pass them out in the morning, but have you ever eaten a PopTart?  I know you have because I used to eat them all the time.  Now fast forward 2 hours from eating 2 of them and you might find yourself at the snack machine at work eating a Honey Bun because you are legitimately hungry.  I don’t blame you.  No judgment from me.  But do you see a trend?  Maybe?

It is so easy to get bogged down with the busyness of each morning and do something convenient that is not always healthy.  I like PopTarts.  I don’t like the artificial food dyes and additives in them.  Is that real fruit on the inside or just sugar?  My guess is sugar.  But I do have a confession…my kid, Lady S, eats a PopTart every morning.  But not the kind in the regular grocery store.  Yes we make the trek to Trader Joe’s to buy the organic, fruit filled ones.  Do they cost more?  $2.49 for 6 of them but they are made with the good stuff that I feel good about.  Do they keep you fuller longer?  Yep.  That might have something to do with the fact they are made with real stuff.

The two words of the day is menu plan!  Plan those menus folks.  We strive hard to incorporate a protein, a grain, and dairy into each of our breakfasts.  For Lady S, we throw in some fruit as well.  Start the day off with a balanced breakfast.  For example, breakfast sandwiches are super easy to make and can be customized to what you like.  Mister S likes eggs.  I have an intolerance to them and they make me sick to my stomach.  On average we make 12 sandwiches every two weeks.  With English muffins, sausage, and organic eggs we spend about $7 for all those sandwiches.  They keep us full until mid morning snack and I know what is in them.   (Is that really sausage at McDonald’s?)

If you want to know how to make them feel free to leave a comment or search Pinterest for recipes!  They are super easy and super quick.

Now go eat breakfast!