200 Pounds and Counting


Howdy Readers!  It’s been awhile since I last did an update and you are definitely due one!  It’s been super busy in our house and the school year is winding down!  Yay for me!  Mister S gets so perturbed because I get the entire summer off but man it comes with it’s own catches.  Specifically finding something to do every day that keeps Lady S busy!  This summer she will turn 4 years old so you can only imagine how much energy it takes just to keep her happy and fed and busy.  Hopefully this summer we can get out and enjoy the beautiful weather.  I see lots of playdates at the park happening!

So updates on our little household.  Every wonder what it would be like to finally meet your goal and then to surpass it and then be clueless as to where to go with it next?  That is exactly where we are.  I am happy to announce that between Mister S and I we have lost a total of 200 pounds and counting!  Do you guys know what 200 pounds looks like?  Let me give you a visual…

Now take that pic and imagine 10 of them…that is how much fat we have lost!  It’s really crazy to think about it as I type it.  It is almost surreal.  For so many years we were fat and happy…until we were fat and unhappy.  It has been such a journey.  Initially, I think, we were both terrified of what changes we would have to make and how that would affect us.  I have to say though that now that we are here it has been such an amazing experience.  I have said it before and I will say it again.  This was NOT a journey to lose a ton of weight and be skinny.  This was OUR journey to be as healthy as possible and live long, happy, healthy lives.  When I showed Mister S our comparison pictures of where we started and where we are now he said “What the HELL were we eating?  I am never going back there.”  He is so right!  I can’t imagine backsliding although I know that it happens to people all the time.

We’ve done a few things to ensure that doesn’t happen.  For one, we are all about eating as healthy and clean as possible.  That means coming home after working hours on end and cooking a meal.  The only way that Lady S will learn healthy eating habits are to see the people she looks up to do it.  So when she see mommy eating an apple instead of chips, she wants the same thing.  Continuing our journey also means being honest.  Mister S knows immediately when he has overdone himself in the eating department.  I can too….as a matter of fact, my body will scream it to the mountain tops if I don’t do it right and I don’t blame it.  It would be the equivalent of the tantrum Lady S throws when we try to give her broccoli….she just isn’t having it!

Mister S has also started working out almost every day.  Initially he was not about that workout life….AT. ALL.  Men seems to be vastly different from women in that they can lose weight without breaking a sweat.  Mister S has met his ideal weight (I think?) and he looks amazing but now he is focusing on building muscle.  And well….he looks…fantastic!  I am continuing on building muscle as well but nothing like Mister S.  My focus has shifted from overall weight loss to overall muscle definition and toning.  My goal is to conquer the beast that is the midsection and get at least a 4 pack one day…..I am giving myself some leeway here!  Haha!

Our journey has inspired others.  A good friend recently updated that she has lost 32 pounds and I am so proud of her so if you are reading this then you know YOU ROCK!  It takes those small leaps of faith and baby steps to get started but once you do it is priceless how you feel!

Until Next Time!



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