So you want to do a 30 day challenge?

I know that EVERYONE is seeing challenges popping up in their social media these days.  There are squat challenges, ab challenges, plank challenges, push up challenges…..the list goes on and on.  Whatever you could think of, someone has made a challenge for it.  Just a few examples in case you don’t partake in the social media world….


The other day someone asked me what I thought of them.  Well….my answer is probably not going to be popular but here goes it….

I find them to be both a hindrance to overall success, but a great jump-starter at the same time.  So why the conflicting answer?



For someone who has not worked out in say….forever….a challenge is an EXCELLENT way to instill confidence to get started and a great way to begin to build stamina.  Sometimes all we need is that initial jump of faith and for someone to hold us accountable for us to kick it into high gear and get off the couch.   Having a set schedule of what to do on each day allows someone to see their progress and stamina increase from the beginning to the end.  These challenges also force people to at least do some form of physical activity even if it is for a few minutes per day.  Some workout is better than no workout.  I also like that the challenges are body part specific, meaning if I only want to work on my abs then I can do that.   Lastly, they help to develop proper form over time lessening the chance of physical injury later.


So this is where I think my opinion (hence the word MY) may not be popular.  While the challenges do wonders to help give a kick-start to a health routine, they can not be the ONLY thing that someone does in terms of physical movement if that person is expecting significant results.  For example, I tried the squat challenge….I found it boring and I simply could not get into the groove of it when I knew my results would be minimal unless I upped the ante on the squats.  There are tons of variations to the traditional squat that the challenge talked nothing about.  Nor did it suggest the benefits of using dumbbells, or proper form and feet placement, or how after so many your body fatigues upping the change of injury.  *sigh*  I am a squat challenge drop out.  The other side of these challenges is that a lot of them target one specific muscle group.  Well darn…what about the rest of them?  So if someone is on a quest for a tight butt, what about the abs?

So what’s the verdict?  Each person has to decide for themselves if they want to do challenges or not.  They can be incorporated into a daily workout routine, but I would advise against them being the only thing you do if you are looking to lose weight and tone up.

What are your thoughts on the challenges?  Have you tried them yourself?



Weight Loss Ramblings and Updates

Oh my….I am a terrible blogger.  Probably one of the worst types….I checked and I have not updated a thing since April of this year!  Terrible I know.  Blame it on life.  Well….actually blame it on laziness.  I can not and shall not tell a lie.  I have been so busy that I have neglected the one thing that keeps me connected to those who outwardly and secretly follow my journey.

So where do I start and how do I sum up the last few months….

The above quote is absolutely true and anyone who has lost weight and have sustained it will tell you that this is the truth.  I will not say that we are continuing in our journey because as time has gone on we have adopted the philosophy that this has been a lifestyle change.  Both myself and the Mister have realized that this is not a temporary fix to a problem that could go on for years.

A few months ago I commented that the Mister had lost 100 pounds or so and that still stands true.  In actuality, he has actually gained a few pounds because he is working out 5-6 days per week, specifically focusing on strength training and muscle building.  He has pecs ya’ll!  PECS and they look scrumpdillyitious!  He is becoming leaner than I have ever seen him and his confidence is soaring!  I am very proud of his dedication to working out consistently and eating right.

As for me….I am still going.  Because both scales in my house are unreliable, I am going to assume that I have lost somewhere between 105-110 pounds overall.  I am not really sure.  My focus over the last year has not been losing pounds per se.  My focus has been strength training, HIIT workouts, and muscle building.  A few months ago I decided that I wanted to target specific muscle groups and work on those.  In the beginning it was a focus on my arms and back muscles because when I get tired my back tells the story.  I have been using 5 and 7.5 pound weights doing a very focused routine on all of the muscles in my arms and back.  I am happy to report that they are looking quite toned and lean 🙂   I have also incorporated some planks and countless burpees into my workout.  Did I mention I hate planks and burpees?  I have a love hate relationship with them because they are highly effective but literally murder for your abs, butt, quads, triceps, biceps….you get the picture!


I am tracking my progress through measurements and have committed to a specific workout schedule of 3 days of work followed by 1 day of rest and then repeat.  Sounds like a lot of work but it’s quite worth it.

Since school is out I am hoping to update you all more about our progress and journey!

Until the next post!