Things that make me go “hmmmm…..”

There are so many things that I have encountered during this health journey that have made me scratch my head.  Some of the head scratching is for a good reason and some of the head scratching is because I am shocked at how little I knew about health and how little others now about health.  I thought it would be funny and enlightening to list some of the things that make me go “hmmmm….”

Top Crazy Questions

  1. “Can I just lose weight without working out?  It’s tiring”  Why yes you can lose weight without working out.  And you will gain it all back.  Working out is supposed to be tiring.  It’s call WORK for a reason.
  2. “Can I just skip two meals and then eat dinner?”  Sure you can skip breakfast, the most important meal of the day.  Be a raging, hungry lunatic all day, and then gorge at dinner.  Your coworkers and family are going to LOVE you. (or not!)
  3. “Can you stop you are making us all look fat?”  Hmmmmmmm…..
  4. “Do french fries count as a vegetable?”  Yes someone asked me that and no I did not answer it.
  5. “Are you guys (Mister S and I) sick?”  Ummm….no we aren’t sick other than being sick and tired of being unhealthy.  NEXT!

Top Crazy Comments

  1. “Gosh you’ve lost all that weight and still have wide hips”  Jesus be some common sense for people!  While I could have found this offensive, I didn’t.  Mister S likes the hips and so do I!
  2. “Where did your boobs go?”  Ok….so….I have ALWAYS been small chested when you compare my chest to my hips.  I’m happy with them and once again…Mister S likes them so 😉
  3. “You need to feed that man (Mister S)!  Quit depriving him of food!”  For the record, I did not and do not starve Mister S.  He eats quite a bit, BUT he eats good stuff (mostly 😉 ) so….I can oblige the first part and continue to feed him.
  4. *Opening my fridge* “Where is the good food?  This is rabbit food!”  Then just call me a rabbit cause fruits and veggies is how we roll!
  5. “You’re starting to look anorexic”  This was totally head scratch worthy.  Anorexia is NOT a joke or something to joke around with.  Ah….watch those words folks….watch those words.

 I am CERTAIN that people mean well when they ask questions or make comments, but sometimes I have to wonder.  Have you dealt with any comments like these from people?

“hmmmm….sometimes I wonder….”

4 thoughts on “Things that make me go “hmmmm…..”

  1. lol!!! OMG YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I hate when people say: “Whats up SLIM?” or “HEEEY SKINNY MINNIE”… I give them the look as if lasers are coming out of my eyes to slice the stupid off of them. lol. I also hate the “You need to go shopping” comments. My thing is, if you are so concerned with my closet, then give me your credit card and take me shopping Jack! Until then, I will continue to wear clothes that may be a little loose in a fashionable manner until I hit a steady weight from my closet! #thanks

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