My Scale Broke and I am not sad about it!

It finally happened.  After using that sucker for almost two years straight, the battery died.  Oh how it gave me such gratification in the beginning of my health journey.  Watching the numbers go lower and lower made me SO happy.  I was fanatical about weighing in every single day.  And then it happened….the scale stopped moving during my plateaus….and I got pissed off because I was working my arse off and it should have been moving but it wasn’t!  So frustrating.

But then something miraculous happened at the beginning of summer.  The first thing is the batteries died in my digital scale.  The second thing is I no longer carried about the numbers on the scale.  I have talked about this before, but will touch on why these two things are equally important to my journey.

When the batteries in the scale died, I was SO mad.  I wanted it to just start working the way that it was supposed to.  I had paid $30 for that thing and it should work right?  Well….here is the confession.  I don’t think it EVER worked right.  For example, I could weigh at 6:30 a.m. and it say one thing and then weigh again at 6:35 a.m. and miraculously I had gained 5 pounds.  That, to me, spells malfunction!  So I kept jiggling the thing and then I said “Oh Well!!!” And then….I felt ok which leads me to the second thing….

As I type this I feel free.  No, not that I just got out of jail free, but more of a “I finally did it feeling!”.  Let me explain….for the past 2 years it has been about the scale….losing fat and gaining muscle.  The jiggles had to go!  I was OVER it and like most people I wanted results.  I have done enough research to know that this process is long and slow and sometimes frustrating, but that didn’t stop those feelings.  So after my scale broke, I said to myself that it was time to let it go.  Let the numbers on the scale go.  I also decided to stop tracking calories through MFP.  I was sick of it because I felt like all I did was track foods.  It was tiresome and a major deterrent to my overall success.  Health and progress can be better measured by other things that have nothing to do with numbers on a scale.

So how am I measuring my progress on my journey? I am using a variety of things that have nothing to do with scales and numbers.

  • Measuring Tapes!  ->  I have tracked my measurements since the sixth month of my journey.  One of the hard things to learn was that sometimes the scale isn’t going to move but the inches will and that is ultimately what matters.
  • Fitness Milestones ->  As I work through different workouts and fitness routines, I have found new found strength that I didn’t know I had.  I could have never held a plank months ago and now I can with good form.  I can run without getting ridiculously winded or tired.  I can do squat jumps continuously for more than a few seconds….You get the point.
  • Clothes ->  One of the best measures of my personal success is how clothes fit and how they lay.  I can tell if I have lost or gained inches or weight, just by how lose or tight my clothes feel.
  • Clean Eating –>  I have made a conscious effort to eat more whole foods and eating good carbs which as I have said before are my weakness.  I am eating more fruits and veggies everyday and making a more concerted effort to do so.

When you ask me how much I weigh or how much weight I have lost….I will be honest and tell you around 100 lbs and I will also tell you that your health journey is more than numbers on a scale.  It’s about YOU and you are more than those numbers.

Do you struggle with scale obsession?  How do you monitor your progress?  Looking forward to feedback!

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