Clean(er) eating?! Ah this is really hard!

I decided a few weeks ago to make an effort to eat a little bit better. A few of my friends follow the Paleo diet, Smoothie Cleanses (y’all know how I feel about green smoothies), strict diets. I simply can’t do any of that. I need to be able to eat what I want if the mood strikes and not feel guilty about it. Guilt is a great sabotager to my progress and I simply don’t have time for that.

Summer is really hard for me because I am at home with a toddler who eats ALL DAY LONG. I feel like I live in the kitchen with this kiddo! Literally every 2.5 hours this child is asking for a snack. Our typical conversations go like this…

Me: Zoned out watching t.v.
Lady S: Mom, Can I have a snack please?
Me: *Exasperated sigh since we just had breakfast 1.5 hours ago* What do you want to eat?
Lady S: I would like a snack of bananas, vanilla wafers, strawberries, and….

As Lady S grows, it appears her appetite does as well. The good thing about her constantly wanting a “snack” is that she typically asks for something healthy. We make a real effort to provide her with fruits and/or cheese as a snack and she takes to it well. Because of her food allergy, candies are typically reserved for birthdays and holidays. We make sure to keep the staples in the fridge at all times.

I will be the first to admit that I didn’t eat enough fruits or vegetables. I like my carbs…yogurt, granola…coffee…more coffee 😉 That has changed as of recent weeks. Everyday From time to time, I search the internet for ideas on how to make veggies and how to hide them in the foods that we eat everyday. It has been harder than I had imagined. Mister S is picky about the veggies and fruits he eats. Lady S won’t eat a vegetable to save her life unless it’s lettuce. Plain ole’ lettuce 😦

I have the food pyramid downloaded on my phone and iPad to remind me of how many of each food group I need to eat. Most days I hit it on target but some days I simply don’t. I just move on to the next day and start over again.

There is a ton of information on the web about clean(er) eating. Take a look and see if you could incorporate some of the rules into your diet each day. Remember that big changes come from small steps.


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