YouTube Challenge!!! Fitness Blender!

I’ve talked about my love of YouTube workout videos on a ton of posts so I wanted to share with you a challenge that I recently finished. I have been working out to Fitness Blender for a few months now and have found that their workouts have just enough umph to make me feel the burn a few days later. This particular “challenge” was five days long and it kicked my arse! I didn’t do all five days in a row even though it was designed to be that way. I am very much a believer that the body needs time to recuperate and recover after a workout. The workouts target all of the major muscle groups as well as incorporating cardio into the routines. After completing all five, I definitely felt stronger although I was really sore after day four. This is probably due to the fact that I upped the pounds on the weights I use.

If you need a kick start to your fitness regime or just want to switch it up, this would be a good five day starter!

Click the link below to get started and enjoy!

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