The Scale is the Devil!!!!

Hola readers!

It has been rather busy around our house as of late.  Lady S turned three a few weeks ago so we have been mourning the fact that we no longer have a toddler but now have a preschooler!  Where in the world did the time go?  I vaguely remember this boss lady being totally dependent upon me and now she is trying her best to open up the fridge and get her OWN drink.  *insert baby fever here*  She has become quite the opinionated young girl who has zero problems telling us what she wants, how she wants it, and why she needs it! *insert fleeting baby fever here*.  With that, the last two weeks have been a flurry of touring preschools for her and deciding on one.  She officially starts preschool next month and while I am happy, I am also quite sad.  Mr. S hasn’t decided if he’s happy or sad yet but we’ll see the first day we walk her in the center.

On to health updates…

The summer has been especially interesting with our health journey.  While we have not had many cookouts to attend, being at home all day long leaves a lot of room for foodie sins.  Thankfully we have only committed a few…well maybe more than that but not too many.

In the beginning of my health journey I loved the scale more than anything.  I weighed every single morning taking note of any changes in the scale and it literally determined how hard I worked out and how often.  While my focus was on overall health, I would be a liar if I said scale movement was not a big motivator in the beginning.  One thing to take note is that the more weight you lose, the harder it is to actually lose it.  I’ve gone through a few periods of phases where I go into a plateau meaning my body won’t release fat until I either 1) workout more or 2) create more of a caloric deficit.  My most recent plateau happened at 80ish pounds and I stayed there for weeks!  It drove me insane.  Finally after a few weeks I started to lose again and this is where the scale comes in…..

My advice is to stay away from the scale!!!!  It can completely derail your health journey and it can create some unhealthy habits in your eating and workout choices.  At last check 3ish weeks ago, I had lost 86 pounds.  I am completely unsure of how many additional pounds I have lost because I stopped weighing myself.  *gasp*  Yep I sure did.  At this point in my journey I fully accept that my weight loss will be a tad bit slower because of how much I have lost.  I am also embracing weightlifting into my health journey.  I am finding so much satisfaction by looking in the mirror and seeing definition in my arms and thighs, and watching my mommy tummy slowly disappear.

Lastly I finally ordered a heart rate monitor to help me track my workouts better.  Now the consensus on these are up in the air.  Some people swear by them and others find them unnecessary.  For a long time I thought the later because I have been doing just fine.  Because I am switching the focus of my workouts, I think it’s important to keep a more accurate picture of my workouts.

I ordered this one

Now the very, very last piece…I ordered a box of healthy snacks from NatureBox and am waiting on them to arrive.  A wonderful blog written by a really smart lady, Houseful of Nicholes, blogged about the service here.  She totally prompted me to try them out so I can’t wait!  I’ll let you know how they are!

Til the Next Post!



Mighty Tight Muscles

Howdy Folks!

It’s a new week and with that means pressing on! This weekend I indulged a little bit and man was it good. I have been eyeing this Mango Daiquiri in my freezer for weeks and just can’t bring myself to drink it! Maybe since it’s the end of the school year I’ll indulge on Friday! Man I have really earned it!

My weekly goals are pretty much the same as they are every single week! Drink water, work out, make good eating choices, and cook at home. I purposefully only bring water or some zero calorie sparkling water drink to work otherwise I would be so tempted! Those machines in work lounges are nothing but the Devil!

Now on to the second part of my health plan!

The first part of my plan was the creating a caloric deficit which I explained in the last post.     To sum it up I use the MyFitnessPal app in order to track my caloric intake each day.  In the beginning I started at 1500 calories a day and did really well until I upped my weightlifting goals.  Since doing that I have had to increase the amount of calories I eat specifically on the days I workout.  So without further adieu….

  • Make a Commitment – you know how some people are terrified of long-term, loving relationships with other people?  Yea now compare that to a relationship with the gym.  Most people start, go hard for a while, and then once the  thrill is gone they are on to the next thing only to be let down again.  That’s how it goes with the gym and working out.  In the beginning, committed to working out 4 times per week for no less than an hour. I didn’t have a gym membership so I worked out at home to shows on Hulu Plus and walking the rolling hills of my neighborhood pushing my daughter up and down hills.  IT. WAS. HARD!  I wanted to break up so many times that first month but I kept on!  As I’ve gotten a better grip on how my body works and what it requires, most weeks I workout 3 times….4 if I am lucky!
  • Cardio Smartio 👍- I will be 100% honest….this is the HARDEST part of working out.  I remember getting winded going up steps…running outside (wait I’m lying!  I never ran), just regular things that should have been easy.  Working out at the gym is VERY different from working out in the community.  Mainly if you want to slack off you can!  Cardio outdoors is harder.  Different muscles are being used and there are other factors to consider like the weather, hills, etc.  I started on the elliptical machine which was hell!  No other way to put it than that.  When you start working muscles that haven’t been worked in years, like your heart, it is killer.  But stick with it.  You have too!  The longer you do it, the better. Your workouts will be.  I won’t give recommendations of what cardio exercise to do or machine to use.  What works for me (Arc Trainer and elliptical) may not do it for someone else.  The important part here is to get up to 30 minutes of solid cardio work.
  • Mighty Muscles – Most gyms offer some type of circuit training that incorporates cardio and weight work.  My gym, Planet Fitness, has a great circuit that is tough yet effective.   I can’t give specifics on the machines that I use only because I have no idea what the names of the machines are!  What I do know is that I focus majorly on my abs, obliques, all leg muscles, back muscles, arms, and my core!  My advice on weights is don’t start off as Superwoman or HeMan!  You will strain something and then nothing will work!  Start light and build your way up.  The weight should be heavy enough that your last two reps of 12 are hard to do.  If not then you aren’t doing enough.  Go up by 5 lbs increments until you are comfortable.

So those are the major parts!  I’m open to answering any specific questions if you have them.  Nothing’s off topic…I think 😉

Til next time,


Slacker Sundays!

What a week this has been!  Tragedy struck our family in the passing of my beloved grandmother on Monday night and this week has been a whirlwind of emotions.  Some moments I am good to go and other moments, not so much.  With that said, eating well has been such a challenge.  There is absolutely nothing in the world that brings instant joy other than a fresh out of the oven brownie with vanilla ice cream!  Oh my!  I did manage to eat healthy the greater part of the week and have gotten in 4 solid, sweat-inducing workouts that no doubt undid the bad things I partook in this week.  

One of my goals this week was to down water like a fish which I did!  For some odd reason, people LOVE to bring sodas to family gatherings!  Can I at least get some lemonade?  Maybe some unsweet tea?  ok…that’s a stretch?  How about just endless amounts of bottled water?  That would be good!  I’ve been really thirsty because of the allergens in the air messing with me but this is one goal that I mastered. 

Another of my goals was to work out 4 times this week which as of today I made it!  Yippee!  Saturday nights at the gym are the best because literally no one is there.  I assume everyone is out on dates (sans kids of course), at the club (perhaps working on a significant other to make said kids), or they are pooped for the week.  In any case I understand and use the empty gym as my time to explore the most intimidating of machines without looking like a complete idiot!  

I failed miserably at the eating out thing.  I cooked all breakfasts and lunches at home with the exception of 1 lunch and all dinners with the exception of 2.  With the running around this week it was simply impossible to cook dinner everyday.  I will say, that in this house, we have met our quota of Chickfila for the next 7 days, although they literally have the best options when eating out.  

So it’s a new week starting tomorrow and my goals will pretty much remain the same: 

  • Increase water intake by 15-20 ounces daily (right now I am averaging about 70 ounces or so) 
  • Decrease eating out to 2 lunches or dinners this week 
  • Continue with cardio work, increasing reps on weight machines. 

And on that note…’s time for the kiddo to prepare for bed!  We’ve got a long day ahead of us tomorrow!