Where have I been? Living. Where else?

Greetings Readers!

I have been MIA for a few weeks but I am back.  I haven’t forgotten about all of the people who follow my blog nor have I given up on my journey.  So where have I been?  Simply put.  I have been living.  Over the summer, (seems so long ago) our entire family soaked up the sun.  We took evening walks.  We went to the park.  We played soccer in the street.  We really soaked each other in and took the time to recuperate and rest from a long school year.  And then the school year started again.  For those of you haven’t caught on, I am a teacher.  A special education teacher and my position is so demanding especially during the first part of the school year when everyone is adjusting and they need a lot of TLC.  Teachers and students included!  I will freely admit that working out simply was not on my agenda.  And I am OK with that.  I took the first quarter to get situated with my new students.  To work on lesson plans, long-range plans, setting goals for my students, and working with my colleagues.  By the time I got home, gave TLC to Lady S, some QT with Mister S, cooked dinner and fulfilled all those roles, I was exhausted.  My body and my mind was simply tired.  And I rested.  Rest I did!

We did not abandon everything that we have learned along the way.  We continue to cook at home making healthy choices with a few indulgences tucked in there.  We continued our evening walks until the time change.  We continue to promote healthy eating choices in Lady S, although as of late she is obsessed with Zaxby’s 😦  She still won’t eat veggies but that is a work in progress.

Mister S recently had his blood work done and it all came back great with the exception of one area related to cholesterol and unfortunately the only thing that will help is medication which we aren’t comfortable with.  At the beginning of this journey, his blood work was less than stellar and he had been warned repeatedly about heart disease which runs in his family.  With the healthier lifestyle and working out, he has come such a long way and I am proud of him.  We are continuing to do research on how to get ALL of his blood work positive because we need for him to be around as long as possible (although 100 years with him won’t be enough *swoon*).

As for me…my body has been tired.  Very tired.  I attribute it to too much work, not enough water, and not enough sweating.  My spirit gets wobbly when I haven’t worked out in a few days.  There is some gratification that I feel when I break a sweat a couple of times a week.  Hard lesson learned.  More proof that this is not some temporary part of who I am.  This is WHO I am.  Being healthy and living this lifestyle are permanently ingrained into who I am. I am back working out regularly.  Work has slowed and Lady S has settled beautifully into her Pre-K year!

My goal continues to be healthy living.  Am I still trying to lose weight?  Not necessarily but if it is a result of hard work then great!  If not then the mere fact that I am toned, happy, and healthy is enough!

Til The Next Time!



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